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15 Best Instagram Apps Every Marketer Should Have

By April 22, 2020June 28th, 2020No Comments

As an online marketer, you need to play your cards well to beat the online competition. Instagram is one amazing social media platform on which you can advertize your products without incurring much.
As an Instagram marketer, you need some awesome apps that will make your work easier and draw traffic to your website. Video apps, photo-editing apps, analytic apps, content apps, etc are some of what you should have.
Looking for Instagram App suggestions for your marketing? Here is a compilation of the best apps. Read on.
1. Layout

This is a photo-editing Instagram app that lets you create collages of your products for display. You can combine up to 9 pictures using different templates. It also allows you to pick, edit, and share individual photos.
Layout App has fantastic features that allow you to add filters, adjust the contrast, crop, and mix your photos before sharing.

It is both a photo and video editing app that gives you everything you need as a marketer. With clients searching for pictures worth looking at, VSCO makes it possible. It has tools that let you change the contrast, saturation, and add filters.
Depending on how you want your photos to be, you can choose among the many features available.
3. Boomerang

For short videos that will excite your customers, Boomerang is the real deal. It permits you to create short videos, about two or more seconds long. You can combine about 10 photos in one video and the outcome is really appealing.
You just need to tap your screen with the camera facing the product you want to film and you’ll have your video.
4. Hyperlapse

Moving time-lapse videos can never go wrong. They create an excellent view of your products, enabling the customer to see the details. Hyperlapse App lets you create such videos that can last up to 45 minutes, depending on the length you want. Hyperlapse videos are a perfect way of catching your prospective clients’ attention.
5. Follow Meter

As an Instagram marketer, you need to track the performance of your page. How many people unfollowed you? Which post had the highest engagement rate? Follow Meter is an app that enables you to monitor the activities of your page.
It lets you see how many people viewed your post and generally how much traffic you are receiving. The results from this can help you make changes on your marketing strategies.
6. Command

This is an analytic tool that literally ranks the performance of your page. It allows you to track your competitors virtually and also create new networks on Instagram.
Command app also tracks your performance hourly and shows you the statistics. What stands out is that the app also gives you a report card showing how your page is doing in the competition. It also gives you ideas of how to improve performance.
7. Hype Type

For heart-warming moving pictures, Hype Type is the perfect app for the job. It hypes up your possible clients with the amazing stories you upload on your page.
It automatically styles your stories using different appealing features. Only top-tier stories can catch attention. Hype Type makes it happen.
8. Regrammer

In marketing, you definitely need to keep reposting your products to earn buyers. To repost, you don’t need to scroll in your gallery looking for the photos. Regrammer enables you to download, save, and repost the photos you posted previously.
It is such a superb too that every Instagram marketer should have.
9. Huji Cam

See the feeling when you come across a photo you took in the 90s? The warm but faded glow in it? This is what Huji Cam does for you.
It brings a massive transformation of your photos and takes you back to the 19th century. The new look is what customers will get attracted to.
10. Pixlee

This is a content generation tool that provides awesome user experience. It permits creation of shoppable user-generated content that promotes sales.
It also allows you to add pictures in categories and this makes the experience easier for the possible clients looking for specific items. You can also add social contests and campaigns to your page to promote your business.
11. Crowdfire

Looking for a social media management tool? Crowdfire has got you covered. It helps you drive engagement to your business page. You can also generate statistics of performance using this app.
It lets you choose the metrics in terms of followers, likes, well-performing posts, etc. This is a must-have app for every marketer.
12. Hashtag Expert

If you want your page to reach more Instagram users, generating hashtags is a must-do. The Hashtag Expert is an app that lets you generate hashtags that rank your page at the top of the hashtag pages.
This is a perfect way of growing your business tremendously. Your page gets to be seen by many users.
13. Giphy Cam

Want to post some eye-catching GIFs on your Instagram page? Giphy Cam is the app for the job. It anables you to create GIFs that can capture the attention of other Instagram users.
This way, you can earn more clients. It is an excellent app for displaying your product photos or videos in GIF format.
14. Clips

Sometimes, you may need to take a short video describing the features of your products. Clips is an app that gives you a chance to create videos and share them on your Instagram page.
You can also take videos that show the details of your products and this is exactly what customers look for.
You can use features like animated text, filters, music, emoji, and fun stickers to create an attractive video.
15. Quik

For amazing videos and moving photos, Quik is what you should have as an Instagram marketer. It allows you to create short videos by tapping on your favorite pictures and videos.
This app automatically edits your selected videos into something more appealing and perfect for your Instagram business page. It is the ideal way of keeping your customers glued to your page and hence, inviting them to buy your products.