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5 ways to get on the Instagram explore page

By November 25, 2019No Comments

How to get on the Instagram explore page?

All you need to know to get on the Instagram explore page

Instagram is a social media platform with excellent engagement issues. While there are quite a few features of Instagram, which helps it stand out, but one of them is the Instagram explore page. It allows users to find relevant content that is going viral. For businesses as well as content creators, it becomes easy to get high engagement at little to no cost.

If you want to form an analogy, getting a spot on the explore page is like grabbing an advertorial during a popular TV event. It allows you to promote your content in front of the target audience due to Instagram’s precise algorithm. Moreover, it can help your content go viral.

Since Instagram explore page for every user is personalized, the relevancy factor is on the higher side once you get on it. The relevancy factor can help the businesses and content creators to get in front of the audience who are interested in the images and videos. That is why the Instagram explore page has a significant benefit for all the content creators.

Before we move into the details of how you can get on the Instagram explore page, it is time to understand how does Instagram explore page work?

How does Instagram explore page function?

Instagram explore page is based on an algorithm that displays content according to the user’s personal preferences and previous engagement. It is a mix of photos and videos. The algorithm ensures that the content is such that the user is highly likely to engage with it. The algorithm takes into account various factors while cherry-picking the content like:

• Content by content creators who have a high engagement ratio

• Content from users similar to ones whom you’re following

• Content that gets higher than average views, likes, and comments

These are a few factors that the algorithm takes into account. As the explore page’s curation is as per the user preferences, it is a page that the user likes and interacts with the most on Instagram.

What can you gain by getting on the explore page?

The next question which you might have is how getting on the explore page can benefit you?

It can offer you multiple advantages like:

• New followers

• A higher number of likes

• Brand visibility

• Direct sales

• Getting in front of a new audience

Thus, you cannot ignore the Instagram explore page any longer.

Many authoritative websites like Techcrunch have compiled a list of few factors that determine if your content gets on this page or not. These factors include:

• Current channels being followed by the user

• Content which the user likes

• Quality of videos

• Quality of images

• Hashtags

• Instagram story quality

These might be the factors affecting the explore pages, but, as a content creator, what can you do to get on that page?

Instagram explore page
We will answer that below by sharing with you 5 tips to get to instagram explore page.

1. Use Instagram live to your advantage:

The total number of users on Instagram who use stories is more than 250 million. Since it makes sharing your content easy, it is being used by many for a variety of different purposes like:

• Q&A sessions

• Sharing special events

• Sharing tips and tutorials

• Event announcements

• Event trailers

• Collaborations and so on

If you, too, want to get on the explore page, it is better to start using Instagram live regularly.

2. Do not ignore captions:

The right caption can help you increase the engagement ratio. When that happens, the chances of your content getting on the explore page are high.

You might be thinking, what do we mean by the right caption?

It should consist of a call to action. It can be something simple like “Double Tap to Support Us.” The call to action can not only help you increase your engagement rate but also increase the conversion rate as well. As a result, it is a win-win situation when trying to get on the Instagram explore page.

3. Share useful content:

The tip which we are sharing now might seem obvious to some, but many users ignore it. Irrespective of the niche or the engagement you get, the number 1 rule is to share the highest quality content. Only when you share content that is useful for the users, you can get a higher engagement ratio.

There has been a study affirming that the majority of the Instagram users follow brands on the platform. It indicates that if you post authoritative and relevant content, you are bound to get more users.

You have to ensure that the content is worthy of interaction or share. Thus, you have to stick to these rules no matter your niche or content type.

4. Use as many hashtags as you can:

Hashtags should be your weapon of choice when it comes to reaching the Instagram explore page. The personalization algorithm also takes into account the hashtags to decide the relevant content for the users. That is why there is no other option but to use hashtags to your advantage if you want to grab a spot on the Instagram explore page.

Not only that, you have to use as many hashtags as possible to make your content relevant to a wide audience. Only once you do so, it will become possible for you to get on the Instagram explore page.

5. Do not ignore Niche Relevancy:

Lastly, no matter what, you have to ensure that you share relevant content. The algorithm also takes into account the number of likes and comments you get on your post. If you do not share relevant content, your current followers might not be pleased with it. In that case, you might not receive the required number of likes and comments to get on the Instagram explore page.

Niche relevant content also makes it easy for you to interact with your current followers and audience. Thus, you can get more engagement for your posts, which increases the probability of getting on the Instagram explore page.

The algorithm also takes into account the niche in which your page typically posts and the niche of the new content which you post. Only once it determines that your content is niche relevant and beneficial for the users, it can rank you on the Instagram explore page. That is why not deviating from your niche is one of the primary requirements to get on the Instagram explore page.

So, the Instagram explore page is not as elusive as it seems. If you’re willing to follow the above five tips, getting on the Instagram page is possible. With our detailed guide above, you can create an entire blueprint to get on the Instagram explore page. Once you finally get there, the benefits for your business or your channel are going to be immense. It is time to use our guide to your advantage.