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6 Tips for Using Instagram Stories

By March 20, 2021No Comments

Social media influencers are constantly gaining new followers. They do so through their relationship with their audience. Their Instagram stories instantly become their follower’s stories. Followers eagerly follow an influencer’s suggestion, by following a relationship that’s built on trust and confidence, Openness is part of what makes that relationship possible, as influencers tend to post their personal reasons for sharing the beautiful posts that they share. They post their everyday activities on top of that. Their constant engagement with their fans is part of their popularity.

6 Tips for Using Instagram Stories

Take travel influencer Annette White, for example, otherwise known as @bucketlistjourney on Instagram. She replies to most of the comments made on her posts, thus making herself instantly look more friendly and relatable. If you’re looking to build a strong connection with your fans, here are some of the best six tactics which are currently being used by influencers online.

Start off with mentions and sponsored postings

This one’s quite commonly used. Posting sponsored content is a great way for you to generate brand awareness while still keeping your core audience. Consumers tend to go for the familiar and using an influencer’s recommendation can help you trigger that feeling. Remember to simply start posting regularly to the same audience.

Use personal captions

You connect with your audience every time you add emotions and experience to your products, . Use captions to share that emotional experience. In the world we live in, social media has become the main channel through which you can share you’re able to sell you brand. When customers buy your brand, they’re also buying into your personal views and lifestyle.

Ask your influencer to host an Instagram Stories Takeover

The best thing about Instagram Stories is their authenticity. Once you ask your influencer to take over your stories, you’re automatically borrowing from his or her authenticity. Your story can be as big as you would want it to be, from just a few hours to a whole week. In case you were wondering, over 250 million people use Instagram stories everyday. The way it works is you and your influencer first to get to announce the event on each of your accounts.

Make sure you give your followers enough time to get ready and make sure they check it out. Announce that takeover on a story, a post or on both. As soon as the takeover starts, your influencer will start sharing stories on the brand’s account, evaluating your products from his or her point of view. This will renew the interest in your product while introducing it to new followers. Plus, you’ll be widening your audience as your influencer’s followers are busy checking the stories on your account.

Use unboxing Videos to surprise your audience

Audiences on Instagram love the feeling of excitement behind every unboxing video. In these videos, influencers record themselves unpacking and exploring a product. This will give your audience a glimpse of why they should try your brand. You can either shoot one box per video or use the platform multiple times to highlight a particular product. You can, for example, show a product from different angles or focus on the different ways you can use it. An influencer’s excitement might just be enough to get your audience interest in whatever you’re trying to sell.

Organize brand events

Invite your influencer partners to your next product launch and let them share that experience with their Instagram followers. This will successfully add a touch of quality to your brand and get user’s attention on a product that’s being praised by their social influencer.

Plan a contest or an Instagram Giveaway

This tactic is guaranteed to improve brand engagement and increase sales, as it includes a classic CTA or call to action, whereby users are invited to tag their friends and share the post with an hashtag. The prospect of winning can motivate other users to join in. The winner then gets to enjoy a free sample and you’re likely to have gained a new customer. Though there can only be a few winners, the event would have undoubtedly sparked renewed interest in your brand. You can always find out which tactics work for you without trying them all at once. .