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9 Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

By March 16, 2021March 18th, 2021No Comments

Though it might sound enticing to buy Instagram followers or Instagram likes, this marketing strategy has little profit in the long run. Think about it, if you start off an account by buying followers, you’re merely increasing your chances of getting followers in the shape of bots or inactive accounts.

When that happens, none your posts will ever get to show first on a google search or on anyone’s newsfeed, as there was never no one to interact with your content. If anything, this strategy tends to fizzles out quickly, as you never succeeded in acquiring an audience, you’ve merely been building up numbers. You valued quantity over quality and if so, you focused on something that wasn’t meant to last.

Allow Your Audience to Grow

Having more Instagram followers isn’t always a guarantee of an account’s success or popularity. Getting cheap Instagram service follows the same principle. Let your followers find you through your content and the tools you use to promote it.

Use Story Metrics

Audience engagement is key to how Instagram’s algorithm displays posts to fellow users. With no likes or comments, your post is likely to have gone unnoticed or forgotten. This hurts your account’s credibility and popularity, so make sure you’re keeping track of the metrics in your post and that you know exactly what is exciting your audience.

Go Public

Making your account public is an excellent way to boost you Instagram following and if you’re looking to get more monthly followers on Instagram, broadening your audience is essential. Start from your closer network and work from there, by promoting your content through hashtags and well, quality. Keep in mind that if your content doesn’t feel personal or organic, then no one is likely to engage with it, much less follow it.

Keep an Eye on Your Following

Subscribing to paid services that recommend accounts for you to follow isn’t always the best idea, since if

Any of those accounts turns out to be bots or brand ambassadors, then you have followed someone who is unable to follow back.

Be consistent

In order to increase your user engagement, you will need sustainable quality content which you will achieve through relentless consistency.

Be personable

Users can spot fake accounts almost instantly. A high-followers-to-following ratio is usually a good indication of that and no one wants to follow an account which doesn’t feel genuine, simply because that will be unlikely to produce any kind of meaningful content. You will only succeed in negatively affecting your real Instagram follower’s behavior if you carry on buying followers and showcasing you brand as something so redundantly superficial and impersonal.

Even your competitors will easily become aware of your poor marketing strategies and your account will likely go through painful periods of little to no activity and low income. Ironically enough, such periods might lead to your account losing Instagram followers at a somewhat surprising rates. The account might even get suspended from the platform and credited as spam.

Create User-Friendly Content

Quality always comes down to content and you are the one who gets to decide on which type of content you want, whether you want it to be informational, educational or purely entertaining. You’re also the one who gets to do all the research necessary for your post’s credibility. You get to choose the stories you think your audience will have a deeper connection with.

Use the Tools of Your Social Platform

On Insta you can engage with your audience through humorous videos or by triggering their curiosity through quizzes or polls. Inspiring photos and videos are helpful at piquing an audience’s interest. GIFs, boomerangs, how-tos are just some of the other ways you can actually produce free user-generated content. That instant interaction may eventually lead to bigger profits as it will have been built real, solid relationship between two unrelated Instagram accounts.

Stay true to Your Brand

Encourage yourself to build enough trust and excitement among your Instagram followers, be it through images or catchy captions. Do so consistently, so you can provide them with unique content that they won’t be able to find anywhere else, though it is by far interesting enough to keep they coming back for more.