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Buy Instagram Comments

Buy Instagram Comments

Our system automatically detects new posts on your Instagram profile, and sends comments (real accounts) to them.

10 Instagram Comments

Get 10 Custom Comments On Instagram
$ 5
  • Premium quality comments
  • Delivery starts within 24hrs
  • Dedicated client support
  • No password required

100 Instagram Comments

Get 100 Custom Comments On Instagram
$ 15
  • Premium quality comments
  • Delivery starts within 24hrs
  • Dedicated client support
  • No password required

500 Instagram Comments

Get 500 Custom Comments On Instagram
$ 60
  • Premium quality comments
  • Delivery starts within 24hrs
  • Dedicated client support
  • No password required

1,000 Instagram Comments

Get 1,000 Custom Comments On Instagram
$ 100
  • Premium quality comments
  • Delivery starts within 24hrs
  • Dedicated client support
  • No password required

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, you’re more than welcome to a full refund!

Why Should You Buy Instagram Comments?

Commenting is one of the two primary methods of interacting with the content. While the other method (liking) is also important, commenting provides more engagement and is more active in general. The comment section is most often used as the vehicle of engagement, which makes it very relevant for Instagram marketers and influencers. With the help of our service, ordering comments for your Instagram account becomes pretty easy.

The best way to make a post popular is to buy Instagram likes for it. However, people usually get curious and pay close attention to comments of the post. This is how you attract people. Many of them will be so engaged that they will leave a like, make a comment or follow you back because they see that you appear sufficiently popular. As soon as you purchase a product from us, you’ll get a higher chance of receiving organic likes and comments from real visitors, and your profile will appear much more active.

What Are Real Comments and Regular Comments?

All clients can choose one of the two options: real comments and regular comments. Real comments are made by real users. Regular comments, on the other hand, are made by bot software. The latter are more affordable than real comments while still looking sufficiently realistic. Bot comments are delivered fast and look very genuine. The turnaround time for them is much smaller.

When it comes to post ranking, Instagram takes several factors into consideration. The number of comments is definitely one of them. It’s not enough to simply have a huge number of followers. If you want more visibility and engagement, it’s necessary to get more comments. Your account will simply have a more polished, attractive look.

Why Should You Try NiceInsta?

Using this service, you can purchase individual comments for a single post or auto comments for all future posts. Each of these services is a good way to generate engagement.

The buying process is not complicated at all. The only thing that you need is the URL of a post. After you provide the URL, you will start receiving comments. Only the best and most realistic comments are used. In case if some of the comments disappear for some reason, they will be replaced. If you choose bot comments, we’ll make sure they look as realistic as possible. Real comments take more time, though. As a pleasant benefit, real users will start engaging with your content.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for us. Everything has been streamlined to provide the best buyer experience. In case of questions, you can always contact customer support through WhatsApp and receive immediate assistance.

By using our commenting service, you’ll get instant exposure to plenty of new Instagram users. With our simple user interface, you can get new comments in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind that buying new comments, especially real ones, is vital for increasing engagement. It will help you increase visibility, awareness, sales etc. It can also turn you into an influencer and boost your popularity among real users by a large margin.

Will My Comments Disappear?

All comments that you bought will stay and not disappear. Even if some users unfollow you, their comments will still stay. Comments provided by our service are permanent, whether it’s real comments or regular ones.

How Do I Get More Organic Comments on Instagram?

Getting comments organically takes time and effort, it is definitely not easy. Of course, it is still possible, but it is very tiresome and time-consuming. It is important to be careful with hashtags, regularly comment the posts of other users, and so on. As long as you continue the interaction with the platform, you will get something out of it. But if you want to save time, then it’s best to use an Instagram commenting service. However, these services are not all the same. Care must be taken when ordering it from other sites. Work of this kind definitely should be handled by social media experts. After all, the security of you account is at stake. While ordering Instagram services is completely legal, low-quality services from poorly run websites can damage your account beyond repair. Make the right choice and order from NiceInsta, you will get the best service for the best price. Lots of users have already tried it and keep coming back.

How To Buy Instagram Comments

Getting Instagram Comments from using our network has never been easier

Step 1

Choose A Package You Like

Step 2

Write Some Information

Step 3

Choose A Payment Method

Step 4

Frequently FAQ

When you sign up for our service, our system will automatically scan your profile throughout the day, every day, waiting for new content. Every time you upload a new photo or video, you will automatically receive a like within minutes.

It can take up to 48 hours for your plan to be activated. With that being said, however, when you sign up with us during our business hours, the process is much quicker and you can start receiving likes and followers in as little as a few minutes!

No. As long as your account and plan are active, you can upload as many or as little photos and videos, as often or infrequently as you would like, and you will always automatically receive likes and followers on all of your uploaded content.

All of the profiles within our service are created by real people from around the world, with real pictures, bios, and updates.

Yes. In order for this service to work your profile must be set to public. The reason for this is because if your account is set to private, our system will be unable to find your content, and thus won’t know that you have posted anything new.

The number of likes you get is dependent upon which plan you choose.

This excellent service was created with both business entrepreneurs and lay-people in mind. There is no requirement for using our services apart from the desire to more quickly bring attention to yourself and/or your business, products and services.

It can take months of your valuable time to obtain a large following, and our goal is to help you propel yourself farther in a fraction of that time, so that you can be noticed quicker and show more people what you have to offer.

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