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Does Instagram Ban Accounts with Fake Followers?

By April 19, 2020No Comments

There are a lot of accounts that buy fake followers. In fact, there are many companies that give fake followers for a price. There is usually no refund though so the fake followers may unfollow you in the future and there is nothing you can do about that. Yes, better take advantage of the time when you have a lot of followers.

Who Benefits from Fake Followers?

instagram followerBelieve it or not, there are a lot of celebrities and companies that could benefit from having fake followers in order to increase their number of followers. For example, if you are a company that is looking to make it big, you would want your clients to see that you have a lot of followers. If they see that, they will think you are already an established company in the industry. Thus, the chances of them doing business with you increases. On the other hand, if you are an influencer looking to get brands to hire you, you would want to raise your number of followers. The more your followers are, the more likely brands would want to do business with you.

What Will Instagram do to Accounts with Fake Followers?

The good news is that Instagram won’t do anything to accounts with fake followers. The bad news is that your real followers could feel suspicious and check out if your followers are real. If they find out most of your followers are fake, they may not only unfollow you but also wreck your reputation. This can be countered by having your fake followers have private accounts. If it is private, your real followers would have no choice but to follow them in order to get a closer look at their account. Good thing, not all people have the time to do a little detective work. Most would just look at the number and be impressed by it.

How does Instagram Respond to Accounts with Fake Followers?

Instagram can detect accounts with fake followers. It responds by not giving you much exposure to your real followers. This means that you won’t appear that much on their Instagram feed. Yes, that means other people who have less followers will appear more than you do. Yes, it won’t feel like you have that many followers. It is also possible that they will suspend your account for a few weeks if you have too many fake followers. Having 50 or 60 may be alright but having a thousand or more may be a little too much. It is like abusing power and Instagram won’t take that too kindly.

How to Avoid Getting Penalized

instagram followerIn order to avoid getting penalized by Instagram due to your fake followers, you can ask the provider to have the fake followers post something every now and then. It does not have to be something a normal person would do in a day. Also, have the fake accounts follow lots of accounts too. If that happens, the accounts may even follow the fake account back and it may look legit in a way. Another thing to remember would be to increase your activity on Instagram. That would give your real followers the impression that there is a reason for your boost in followers. Hence, better post something new in your stories and post regularly with the right amount of related hashtags.


If you want to buy fake Instagram followers, you are free to do so but be sure to choose a legit provider. You must be sure the fake followers will not suddenly disappear as that would damage your reputation when that happens. When people see that happen, they will immediately know the followers were fake. Besides, not everyone has the time to go through all your followers and find out if each and every one of them is fake. It is alright to pay a lot of money for lots of followers as long as they won’t unfollow you. You are going to get your money back in no time when a lot of people would want to do business with you in the future. Due to the power of social media, that is going to be a big help.