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Tendances du marketing sur Instagram en 2020

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Each decade will be remembered for its own trends, and it won’t be different for the 2020s as well. Although we are just at the beginning, the most popular social media platform Instagram introduced new marketing trends. It is important to mention that Instagram is no longer just a médias sociaux platform but also a big economic engine for the majority of brands. One of the major changes that we are about to witness is the transformation into a platform for long-term videos and e-commerce. Here is the list of some of the Instagram marketing trends that will dominate in 2020 and the following years.

1) The Rise of Instagram Shopping

Because of its visually-pleasing characteristics, Instagram is one of the easier platforms for brands to display their products and is also very convenient for buyers and sellers communication. Some of the newest shopping options in 2020 will include purchase links that will be embedded in Histoires Instagram. We are already familiar with the ‘swipe up’ link that is extremely useful for driving the traffic to the brand’s website, youtube video, etc. But in 2020 Instagram will introduce ‘swipe up to shop’ feature that allows your followers to order a product you’re promoting with just one click. We will also see the rise of the Instagram boutiques that have options for product displays as well as hashtags options in order to reach their target audience.

2) Vertical Videos

One of Instagram’s well-known features is vertical videos. This format of videos that are rather unpopular on other sites managed to become very well accepted by Instagram users since it’s very cell phone-friendly. It is being used in Instagram lives, Stories and IGTV and it proved to be extremely useful for various purposes and brands. These long-term videos can be used to show a make-up tutorial, promote your brand, display the newest trends from fashion shows and so on.

3) Tweets

Since tweets and memes are the most popular humorous content in the last couple of years it will surely continue to be the same in 2020 as well. Many people started posting numerous screenshots of tweets and memes, so Instagram is no longer reserved for photos alone. The number of profiles that are dedicated to this type of content is rising tremendously every day. Therefore, it is expected that 2020 will be the year in which this trend will reach its peak.

4) Poll

Creating a poll in your stories is a great Instagram feature for the interaction between you and your followers. It is an attention-grabbing feature that prevents your followers from just swiping next. Also, it is a very useful tool that can give you important feedback. E.g. if you are a YouTuber that is in two minds about what to film next, a poll can give you the answer right away. It is also a great way to inform your followers about your brand or to simply entertain them with creative and interesting questions. Apart from the sic poll, there is also an emoji slider poll that gives your followers more than two options.

5) Instagram Story Ads

If you want to raise your brand awareness or gain more followers, Instagram Story Ads are the perfect solution for you. Statistics show that the third most-viewed stories are those from brands and companies. It also shows that 1/5 of stories get a DM from a follower. There are three ad formats that include videos, photo or carousel. Carousel is a format that allows you to use both photo and video for a single ad. Statistics also show that videos are 5 times more effective in holding someone’s attention than still images. You should think about this fact when choosing the format for your story ad next time.

6) Hashtags

Hashtags are very important on Instagram and any other type of digital marketing. First, they help you beat your competition. The world of marketing is not easy and it’s full of competitiveness. In order to beat your business opponents you first need to know them, well and that means knowing both their advantages and shortcomings. Hashtags are a eat way to do your research on other brands and find out which are the most popular hashtags in your sphere of interest, Second, hashtags make your brand much more visible and thus help your reach your target audience and boost your brand awareness. Last but not least, hashtags are the easiest way to promote your brand. Once you have created your own hashtag, your followers will use them next time, then their followers will use them as well and so on. The brand name will continue to spread.

7) Interactive content

Having interaction with your audience is of the utmost importance. Luckily, there are many Instagram features that help you get feedback from your followers. One of the simplest and yet very effective ways is to just ask your audience a question. They will leave their answers in the comments below your post and the more answers you get, the better.

8) Instagram Live

It is expected that Instagram Live is yet about to reach the peak of its popularity. Streaming live videos has a number of advantages. It allows you to communicate with your audience in real-time is certainly the most natural way of communication on the Internet. because you can answer their questions immediately. You can make a Q&A live in which you can just answer their question, also it gives your audience the opportunity to ‘attend’ the numerous events that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. It makes them feel like they are really part of the whole experience even from a distance. E.g. they can watch your brand runway show or watch their favorite celebrities’ interviews at real-time. You can also use Instagram Live to show your audience the best way to use a certain product, give them a make-up tutorial, speak about the benefits of some products,etc. It really gives you a number of opportunities to be both creative and effective.