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How to Get Automatic Likes for Instagram Posts in 2021

By June 2, 2021No Comments

Every brand know that the success of an Instagram account is measured in likes. Finding more people to like your images will help you boost your following and engage more people.

Obviously, the more likes you can get for your Instagram images, the more you can maximize the potential of your Instagram account. Generating automatic likes for Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular topic in this sphere.

automatic likes for instagram

When I hear people discussing likes for Instagram, it’s generally achieved using two distinct techniques. These are broadly described as Blackhat and Whitehat techniques.

In terms of Instagram likes. Whitehat techniques are considered quality tips and proven methods that can help you create a compelling content. The approach is simple if you post great content in the right place people tend to like it. In terms of Blackhat techniques you can use tools such as butts and click farms to help generate automatic likes for Instagram initially these likes will obviously mean nothing but they can be used to generate genuine likes later.

Typically, I focus on one of these techniques in my articles. However, this time around I’m going to discuss both of them. Normally, I shy away from recommending BlackHat techniques as these could result in you getting banned on your account being suspended. This could result in your brand garnering a bad reputation and many times they prove to be far more expensive and then they’re worth.

However if you use BlackHat techniques to generate automatic likes for Instagram, use them carefully and sparingly they can be very useful. You should view them as an investment in your business they will help you generate capital which you can reinvest to get your Instagram engine up and running to allow us grow naturally. The plan is to use Blackhat techniques to see some likes for your posts and the vast majority of cases these will be garnered from realistic looking accounts are ideally from real accounts these likes help you get more exposure and grow to the point where you are attracting and organic audience.

Despite the fact that you may have gotten your start by using questionable methods to generate automatic likes for Instagram as long as you aren’t completely reliant on them they can prove very effective. Your Instagram account rarely provides you with referrals or even the right sales the purpose of this social media platform is to build your Brand’s image and reputation.

How to start black?

Is there a variety of automatic likes for Instagram bots available on the market even the most research would reveal that you can generate 500 likes of week for as little as $10 having not tested many of these bonds I really don’t have an opinion on them. I recommend if you’re going to use blackout techniques to generate Instagram likes you need to work with a service that can provide you with likes from real Instagram accounts.

You’re effectively paying people to like your Instagram posts they have no vested interest in your content and don’t really care about it most of these accounts are based in countries like India which means you are given a far more insulated approach protecting you from retribution that may occur if you’re caught using service like insta-likebot100.

In my experience when working with one of these services you should ignore their prompts to buy thousands of likes start by buying a few dozen if you jump from 10 likes to 2,000 likes overnight you’re just going to attract unwanted attention. Here is my guide to finding a trustworthy service.

#1 Always start small

There are a number of reasons to start small firstly it’s to save money and secondly is to make it look more natural.

#2 Always test the service.

Before you commit to a large investment make sure that you’re not inadvertently paying for bots to like your page start with a few likes and if you’re happy with the service and some more.

#3 Don’t go all in

As tempting as it may be to buy thousands of automatic likes for Instagram and get your brand up and running as quickly as possible. Instagram will instantly flag any page that’s generating thousands of likes as suspicious.

#4 Always be prepared for failure

Regardless of the service you choose no clients can guarantee protection against being banned there’s always a risk to using black hat Instagram services no matter how well your research them.

automatic likes for InstagramTry a more gray approach

Instead of going completely down the route of using a black hat service. I found that implementing some best Instagram practices in combination with your automatic likes for Instagram can help you attract real likes and users. Your fake likes act as a buffer but they’re not going to help you expand your business or brand in the long term

#1 Only post high quality photos

I’m not telling you you got to run house and hire a professional photographer but if you learn the basics of editing and composition and taking photographs with a DSLR and ensuring that they are high quality before you upload them will help you boost your following. It’ll set you apart from people who just upload directly from mobiles despite the fact that it’s allowable.

#2 Show context to your photos

People want a narrative or a story to the images that they see just posting a picture of a cat to grab a couple of likes isn’t going to do anything for your brand I had some substance to your post.

#3 Use good hashtag practices

Instagram online Facebook or Twitter allows you to make extensive use of hashtags in with your imagery research them carefully and make best use of this tool. Your hashtag usage is effectively your tickets to different audiences I recommend using at least 10 or more and this will help boost your engagement. Research indicates posts with 11 or more hashtags are more successful.

#4 Make your hashtags relevant

In addition to making good use of hashtags make sure that they’re relevant if you’re posting dog pictures why would you use the #Cat. Irrelevant hashtags will just make you look spammy.

You will start to grow when you combine both white and black techniques as a pattern emerges in your organic audience will start generating more likes and you can start to supplement this organic growth with some automatic likes for Instagram to continue boosting your brands exposure.

At this point in your Instagram journey you need to start using analytics as you are producing better percentages and demonstrating organic growth you can start reducing your spend for your paid likes and focus this money elsewhere.

A Bleached White approach

Eventually we want to step away from black hat approaches to generating likes for Instagram. Once you wean yourself off fake likes you can focus your butchers into using other methods to generate real likes. Paid advertising is highly effective on any social media platform on Instagram is no different carefully using Instagram’s advertising service is an excellent investment. Once you have decided to trasition from Black to Gray and eventually white there are some things your should note.

Remember that Instagram is part of the Facebook group and this will allow you to use additional features and data both in analysing and setting up your social networking systems. Effectively combining Instagram and Facebook ads can make your brand look very sophisticated.

Once you have transitioned away from generating automatic likes for Instagram your focus is entirely on engaging your real audience. Fake users are no longer relevant you want to grow your real user base you want to engage with them by constantly responding to the comments and linking with more influential Instagram users but I didn’t their tags to your images descriptions.

Key to your success at this point is adaptability, instead of haphazardly posting pictures, be careful in your selection. Ensure everything you post will get likes focus on analysing the ones that get more likes and more comments. What descriptions did you use that generated more clicks, note the themes that work for you and focus more time energy and money on these.

Contests are an excellent way to engage your users and also prove very effective at hooking people into interacting with your brand. One of the more effective contests just involves adding a comment or liking a post. . Another very effective contest is to allow your users to add the caption to new images.

Now that you’ve completely transitioned away from black hat methods to generate automatic likes for Instagram you don’t ever have to go back. It’s not necessary to block bot users or remove old imagery and buying new likes there’s no longer needed.

You now have your foot in the door and it’s about to maintaining your Instagram account and continue to engage with your real audience. If you want to keep your real following the last thing they want is to follow a brand that’s being supplemented by fake likes.