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How to sell your product on Instagram

By December 4, 2019No Comments

Anyone who likes to interact with friends on social networks probably makes frequent use of Instagram. The image-sharing app has millions of active users. With such visibility, the app has been seen by entrepreneurs as a channel for product dissemination.

Acting as a showcase, it presents to the public different goods and facilitates communication between shopkeepers and consumers. However, simply posting images is not as effective, as, in order to buy what you want, you need to stop browsing the app and look for more information on other pages.


How to sell your product on InstagramBelow are some of the tips to sell products on Instagram.

1  The basics of the Instagram store: Add a Call-to-Action in your bio.

An easy way to sell on Instagram is to add your bio. Instagram is very limited in terms of links. The platform wants users not to disperse and stay as long as possible on Instagram.

Therefore, this social network allows very little link, the biography is an exception, and it has the advantage of being very well placed.

Place a link in your bio, to gain maximum visibility! This is the perfect place to redirect your visitors to your store.

Use this location strategically. If you have a product of the moment, a new range of products to highlight, or any other merchandise that you would like to promote, use your biography.

Do not forget that this site is valuable. It will increase the traffic on your website so it can potentially increase your sales on Instagram.

2  Add a link to sell on Instagram in your story.

This feature is only available for accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers. Instagram admits very few links on its platform, even on your story. But for users with more than 10,000 subscribers, Instagram has made an exception.

The Instagram story is another way to reach visitors and turn them into customers, then swipe up to access the site. Stories appear at the top of Instagram user news, and even in the “Explore,” they are exclusive spaces to highlight sales promotions.

The advantage of the story is that it disappears after a day. You can display a promo code and create a sense of urgency; this method boosts sales.

3  Create a dedicated landing page to sell on Instagram.

It has been proven that personalization is an essential factor in increasing the success of a business. One way to do this on Instagram is to create a specific landing page for your Instagram.

There is a good chance that people who visit your Instagram profile come from a photo of you that they have found and liked by chance. Although your store is superb, it is not optimized for conversion or customized.

Create a homepage with your Instagram photos, directing visitors to where they can buy products from these photos. This landing page will define your Instagram store.

4  Promotion by your users: a boom for your Instagram store.

Involve your community!

Encourage your subscribers to share photo and video of your product in use. Ask your users to tag your account and use your product hashtag.

This hashtag strategy creates a community around your brand and helps raise awareness. By displaying the content and tagging the customer, you will increase its visibility and increase your engagement rate.

Seeing the product in action and a satisfied customer can push sales, especially when the product is specific.

The promotion made directly by your users is one of the most authentic ways to sell on Instagram because it’s a great way to show your product in action and demonstrate its quality.

5  Collaborate with influence.

These people have a significant “fan-base” who follow them in what they do every day. By partnering with an influencer to create a sponsored post, you can reach a larger target or enter a new segment.

Besides, these influences usually cost much less than advertising on normal social networks, so a way to sell on Instagram at less cost!

By adopting the right strategy, your brand can sign a partnership with influential people. This partnership generates a big return on investment in terms of conversion and brand awareness.

By working with influential people, you can leverage their network and brand to advertise your offers.

In conclusion

Instagram is more than just a social network. It’s the most effective way to get your store up and running today with the impressive conversion rate this platform generates.