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Instagram Advertising Tips And Examples

By December 6, 2019No Comments

There is no doubt in saying that Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms. And there are millions of people who use Instagram daily for different purposes. One of them is advertising. You can advertise your products or services on Instagram and expand your business and generate more revenue. Though it might sound very easy, but there are many things that everyone should know before starting their advert campaigns to make your ads more effective.

In this article, you will get to know about some Instagram tips to engage more audience and make your ad creative. So if this sounds interesting, then keep reading this article. Now without wasting any time, let’s jump into the main deal.

Instagram Advertising Tips And Examples
1  Run Hashtag Contest

One of the most powerful advertising tips is running brand hashtag contests on Instagram. If you use Instagram frequently, then you will know the power and the potential of using the right hashtags. Most of the experienced digital marketers use this technique because this method provides instant results and you can also check easily whether your hashtag is getting engagement or not. For example- You can use an automatic tool like Wishpond to create attractive pages and hashtag contests to grab more attention and look more professional.

2  Target Right Audience

You know that half of your work is done if you choose the right audience because, in the end, everything is about engaging more people. So if you want to increase your customers, then it is important to target those people who are somewhere interested in your products or services. You must target people who are relevant to your brand. Many people waste their money on testing. You should know audience first before putting money on ad campaigns. For example- if you have a business or you provide services related to traveling, then you should make sure that your target audience loves traveling. By doing this, you will get more conversions.

3  Share Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Nowadays, no one buys anything without doing proper research about the product. If you are doing good stuff and providing quality services, then you must present it to the world. If you want to make anyone buy your services, then you will have to gain their trust. To do this, you should share your customer’s reviews on your Instagram. No matter what kind of review you get, it will help in making people feel that you are transparent and honest. For example- if you post a testimonial or review from an old customer, then it will give a sense of reliability to the potential customer that you are in the business for a long time and other customers are happy from your services.

4  Post at Right Times

Posting information about your products at the right time is also very important to get more engagement. You cannot just post anytime and expect people to see your post. You should also make sure that you are not over-posting your stuff because if your followers see that their Insta-feed is filled with your product pictures, then they might unfollow you. It doesn’t mean that you should take long gaps, just be consistent but don’t overdo it. For example- If you post when people are offline, then you won’t get any benefit, you must aim to post on-peak hours. According to surveys, the best days to post on Instagram are Monday and Thursday.

5  Use Influencers

Along with the ad campaigns, another thing, which is getting popular day by day is influencers marketing. Influencers hold a massive following and people from different countries follow them, so not only your product reach will increase but it will also get promoted all over the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are into drop shipping, affiliate marketing or have a personal brand, Instagram influencers can give you amazing results.

The best thing about choosing influencers is that you have the power to target a specific niche audience. For example- if you are selling products for dogs, then you can contact various Instagram dog pages to promote your product. Another good thing about this method is that the conversions are very easy to make as you are only presenting your product to the potential customers

6  Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can be a useful feature for every people who want to advertise their product. There are numerous benefits of using Instagram stories if used correctly. The best thing about Instagram stories is that they are seen in the top area and people often check stories instead of visiting profiles. Another great thing about stories is that you can also save and reuse them anytime. Along with this, you also get a lot of other features that can be used to enhance your stories such as different text fonts, filters, boomerang, etc.

If you are creating promotional text stories, then you should use text wisely to grab more attention from the people. For example- you can create stories with a call to action that will force customers to come to your page and use your services.

7  Run Ads To Product Page

This is one of the most used ways to get more traffic. You can easily create ads with well-edited picture of your products and directly invite people to come to your page. Though nowadays, people are shifting to video campaigns as they look more genuine and trustworthy, but you can choose according to your preferences. For example- shot a video with proper lighting and introduce you and your business to people. This will help in developing a direct connection with people.


So these were some of the best Instagram advertising tips that anyone can use to build their brand and promote themselves effectively. It is also very important to measure performance and optimize your campaigns. Along with using good advertising strategies, it is also important to provide quality content and services to your customers. Otherwise, no matter how much effort you put in your ad campaigns, you won’t get the desired results. Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is keep learning new methods and try new strategies to grow more. Hope you will get some useful information in this article.