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Instagram Hashtag Guide – How to Use Them and Get Results

By November 15, 2019No Comments

Hashtags constitute a potent tool in social media marketing (SMM). Hashtags make it easy for visitors as well as you (the owner of your site) to manage the site. For visitors, it’s easy to discover the desired content. On Instagram, the performance of your post is according to how many times it is used, the frequency you share, the size of your audience, and how popular your post has become. If a post performs well by these criteria, you will find it easy to find out when searched by people who are not following as of now.

This article discusses how to use hashtags and realize great results. It suggests an Instagram hashtag strategy. The following points are important.

Instagram Hashtag Guide

Avoid using hashtags that are not relevant

Forcing hashtags that are not related to the post, industry, content or niche implies that you have a spammy strategy. Use hashtags strategically. By using relevant hashtags, you will be able to engage your audience with what they are searching for, namely quality continent that addresses their needs.

Niche and specific hashtags

When the hashtags that you use are more specific it helps you direct your audience easily. A targeted audience means there is a greater chance of quality engagement.

If you wish to use hashtags for formal shirts of a particular brand, the hashtags will take you to a higher converting audience. Note that the picture you upload should be of high-resolution.

Use the most appropriate number of hashtags

Posts with hashtags will help in achieving more engagement. However, you should not target all the posts with multiple hashtags.

Make sure the post has relevant hashtags such as #followmeback. This is likely to help you get more new followers. However, they may not be right; maybe spammy. Or, people who want to raise the number of hashtags. Such an audience is not going to engage with your brand.

The post content must shoo what hashtags and how many of them you use.

Don’t skip hashtags completely

As you use relevant hashtags in the post and use them carefully, popular hashtags can help reach a larger audience. This, of course, happens without making you look as if you are doing spam.

Examples of popular hashtags include #photooftheday, #igers to mention a few.

You can save hashtags for future

If you often use the same hashtags for all posts, it’s better to save in a note to use them again in the future. Note that you should use this tip not so frequently.

Always make sure, each of the hashtags you use in a post has to be in sync with the content and it must not be repeated too often.

Now the moot question is how to do it:

Follow these steps:

  1. Make a new note in your notes app.
  2. Add all the hashtags that you most frequently use to make a running list.
  3. When you upload a post, go from the Instagram to the notes app, copy the text and paste it in the title.


It’s important to hide hashtags

Don’t clog your content. Keep your audience focused on what is important and relevant to them. Create a captivating caption.

How to hide hashtags in a comment?

Upload your content as you do normally. Leave the hashtags in the box for captions.

Once the post is published, click the icon of the speech bubble under the post to write a comment.

Now write the comment or post the hashtags you wish to include in the ‘Add a comment’ box. Tap Post.

When your video or photo gets more comments, your hashtags won’t become visible if users don’t tap the ‘View all the comments’ button.

How to hide hashtags in the caption?

To make them invisible, you can also hide your hashtags in the caption. Follow these steps:

  1. Tap the 123 key when making a caption.
  2. Tap Return.
  3. Enter punctuation using (a period, dash or bullet). Then click Return.
  4. Keep on doing steps 2 to 4 not less than five times.
  5. Instagram keeps captions hidden after three lines. By this, your hashtag is not going to be visible. It will be visible only when your followers tap ‘more’ on the post.

Use branded hashtags

Also known as a brand hashtag, a branded hashtag is a unique one in your campaign or company. It could be a tagline, your business name or the name of one of your products.

Branded hashtags help engage your customers to share quality posts, and videos.

When a hashtag is associated with countless posts, it is said to be one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram.

Use an additional hashtag in the post already published

If you wish to add a hashtag to a post that is already live, tap the three dots in the top right corner on the screen.

Choose Edit to add anything to the caption.

You can also add hashtags after you upload and publish them. For this, tap the speech bubble under the photo and type the hashtags as a comment.


Following these tips, you can use hashtags most effectively. By using hashtags creatively, you can create a trend hashtag relevant to your content. This will help engage more customers.