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Instagram Marketing Tips that Get Real-World Results

Instagram has gradually grown into one of the most popular and most interactive social media platforms with over 1 billion active users from different parts of the world. Interestingly, this platform has become one of the most effective social media platforms for branding and marketing any type of product.

With more than 85% or Instagram users falling into the 18-24 age bracket, your business can get the right exposure it needs and reach the right audience when you tap into the competitive IG market. In this post, we will look into some effective tips that can help you get real-world results from Instagram.

Tip #1: Change your IG profile to a Business Profile

Before you go into any type of marketing on Instagram, you may want to create a business account on the app. Creating a business account comes with a number of advantages. Let’s see some of these advantages:

1. Apart from being able to visit your business site from your Instagram profile, your followers can get in touch with you by simply clicking on the contact button.

2. You will be able to access IG analytics tools known as insights that help you learn the real stats for your page engagement such as impressions and how your content performs.

3. You won’t need to depend on Facebook advertising tools to create effective ads on Instagram.

Tip #2: Tap into the Sponsored Ads Opportunity

With more companies turning to Instagram advertising to achieve their online marketing goals, you can change your business fortunes by investing in Instagram ads. Instagram ads help you reach your target audience without spending a fortune on advertising fees. Here are some reasons why you should invest in Instagram advertising:

1. There are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram.

2. Instagram has a lot in common with Facebook which enables you to target your audience better with your Facebook advertising experience.

3. You can manage everything from creating ads to budgeting in your Facebook ads manager.

4. These ads are as engaging as they are non-intrusive which ensures you get an impressive conversion rate at a very low cost.

5. You have the freedom to use both videos and photos as you wish when advertising your products and services.

Tip #3: Partner With Targeted Influencers

To make your job of reaching your potential customers on Instagram easy, make sure you partner with targeted influencers and marketing experts who have put in the hard work required to build a large audience. When you partner with the right influencers, you simply get your content right in front of their large audience.

However, it is always important you only partner with influencers whose audience will find your products and services relevant. For instance, if your company produces and markets organic hair care products, you can partner with an influencer who teaches people how to grow and maintain their natural hair.

Tip #4: Promote your Instagram Account on Other Social Media Platforms

One of the ways to make your Instagram marketing campaigns more effective is to promote your Instagram business account on all other social media platforms you use. If you already have followers who trust you and your brand on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, you can share your Instagram account with them so they can follow you on Instagram. You can promote your Instagram videos on your Facebook page to drive more traffic.

Tip #5: Use Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags play very powerful roles in social media marketing. But you can’t get the success you desire from the use of hashtags on Instagram if you don’t use them strategically. These hashtags will help you reach more people. You can use brand-specific hashtags to promote your brand on Instagram or a campaign hashtag to promote campaigns on Instagram. Simply keep your hashtags as unique and catchy as possible. Another way you can use hashtags is in your content to make it easier for your target audience to find these content.

Tip#6: Create a Powerful Business Bio

A powerful business bio changes the way people perceive your brand when they find you on Instagram. Your business bio should clearly state what your brand is all about and the problem it can help your audience solve. Choose the right username, include a photo that relates to your brand, insert a link to your site and a button for people to call or email you.

Tip #7: Turn your Instagram Account into A Successful Sales Funnel

Instagram has become one of the most popular marketplaces on the internet today. You can actually sell more on this platform than you can sell anywhere else with the right marketing strategies. But first, you must commit to building a very strong brand image on Instagram before you can expect the sales to start flooding in.

One of the ways to build a strong brand image is to stay relevant and active at all times. Also, ensure you go beyond posting only photos of your products and services. Sometimes you have to post your photos with real people or people who have used your products in the past.

Tip #8: Run Instagram Contests

Instagram can help you reach more people and push your business in the right direction, but you have to come up with creative ways to keep your audience positively engaged. One of the most meaningful ways to keep your audience engaged is by running contests or do a giveaway on your Instagram page.

When you get things right with your Instagram contests, you enjoy benefits like increased followers and broader exposure. The interesting part is that there are no limitations and hard rules when it comes to running Instagram contests. You can run like contests, comment contests or photo contests.

Tip #9: Create Engaging and Interesting Instagram Stories

If you want people to take you seriously on Instagram, you must commit to sharing relevant content always. One easy way to create engaging and relevant content on Instagram is by creating Instagram stories. These photos and video stories are quite easy to create and can be replaced every 24 hours. They help make your brand more noticeable and keep your audience engaged.

Tip #10: Commit to Building a Highly Engaged Instagram Community

As a brand, one of your major aims should be to keep your audience engaged at all times. If you haven’t gotten to the point where your audience is all excited to contribute to your content, you won’t get any impressive and encouraging returns on your investments. Put in more effort to know more about your followers by making posts that encourage them to answer questions and share their views. The more you keep them engaged, the better for your brand and marketing campaigns.

It is important you find ways to remain relevant to your followers by sharing useful tips and ideas. Simply find ways to solve their day-to-day problems and they will willingly buy whatever it is you are selling to them.

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