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Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

By January 21, 2020No Comments

Every business should be active on Instagram, considering it has more than 500 million active users making it easier for any company to reach out to prospective customers from across the globe.

Having a huge following is one of the secrets to boosting your Instagram marketing. Having more people interact with your brand and follow you on Instagram means whenever you post something, it’s likely to reach a wide audience.

The following are a few marketing tips to help grow your brand on Instagram without spending a penny.

Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Interact with followers to ignite growth

As a business owner, you should take your time to respond to the comments or queries raised by prospective customers on your post. Customers feel appreciated whenever their comments or queries are respondent to, and this makes them build their trust on a particular brand and even promote your brand to their friends, making it accessible.

It’s also essential to come up with ways to encourage followers to get in touch with your posts. For instance, tagging people who would be comfortable with this can enhance the visibility of your brand, thereby reaching a broad audience and even attract new followers. Since the followers are being directed into your Instagram profile, there will be little or no resistance, causing most of the tagged users to follow your profile.

Make Use of Free Instagram Tools

Just like Facebook, Instagram adopted the use of business profiles, which comprises contact and call-to-action modules, making it easy for followers to interact with your business.

Besides the contact option, business profiles are not limited to analytics or Insights, allowing users to gain access to impression as well as engagement data. If you use your personal Instagram account to conduct your business, you may think of turning your profile to a business profile to exploit these options. Get to know how users interact with your content and find out the changes you can make to improve the interaction.


Are you looking to add more Instagram followers that already love your brand? Besides Instagram, post on other social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and request them to get in touch with your Instagram profile. Since they are following you on social media, there is a likelihood that is impressed with what you offer, so provide another alternative social way they can interact with your brand.

Post on all social networks to reach a broad potential audience rather than your Instagram account only. Not all people use the same social platform, and thus, using different platforms will help you to reach more prospective customers who will, in turn, follow your brand.

Build an interactive hashtag

Building engaging, interactive hashtags is the secret to develop an immediate engagement. Ensure you’re using the hashtags accordingly. For instance, you can incorporate a hashtag where customers can tag their photos in connection with the products they have bought.

Use creativity

To easily connect with your followers, you need to be somehow creative with your images. Original images are far much better than posts that are similar to advertisements without any form of creativity.