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Stay Connected With Friends and Family Through Instagram and Facebook

The most reliable, interactive and wisely used platform by most of the people is Instagram and Facebook. You can always stay connected with all your family members and family through these social media platform. It is a sort of daily platform through which photos can be shared and news can be read.

You can stay in touch with your family and friends and monitor their activities apart from providing tools for interaction.

Almost 1.4 billion users on monthly basis for Facebook is concerned and out of this figure around 655 million are the ones those who accessed it on their mobile. In case of Instagram there are approximately 75 million users on daily basis. Out of it almost 74 percentage access it through various apps on their handset.

Without the help of these two reputed platforms your business and company will not be able to function smoothly. You might be thinking how is it possible that your Instagram is able to get more audience as compared to the Facebook.

By exploring the Instagram and Facebook properly you will be able to understand the features and the way it operates to work totally for social media advertisement. Each platform is good and helps you to connect and interact with the viewers in different manner.

In terms of advertising both Facebook and Instagram have similar capabilities and effectiveness. This is because Facebook owns Instagram. Those who are advertising for their company should consider themselves lucky as both these platforms give opportunity to use their ads. The three basic features that you can use in Instagram and Facebook for advertising are targeting, carousel and algorithms.

Understand properly your sole purpose before starting to achieve. Whether you wish to get brand recognition or whether you wish to increase sales. The main purpose of the ad platform would be to help you in achieving your goal as you would be fully aware about your plan.


Based on the interest of the users, they are targeted with ads related to age, specific interest, location, demographic among others. You will be able to view similar products and brands that were viewed by you in recently browsed website. However, there have been some changes that Facebook has made pertaining to its ad targeting options.

Carousel Ads

On Facebook you will be able to see these ads after every roughly one minute. You can scroll it and view it. It is really hard to resist its effortless accessibility. This feature you will also be able to see in Instagram.

Story Ads

This is a new feature which will help in creating the ads that will run as stories in both Facebook and Instagram. It is very helpful in establishing the brand name.


It helps in delivering the recent posts which are important to you on the top.

All the similarities in Instagram and Facebook work in the best possible manner and draw the interest of users. Each and every activity is updated and this includes events as well. Facebook and Instagram is smart enough to find out your likes and dislikes.


Mark Zuckerberg is interested in making Facebook for family and friends rather than using it for brand posts.

It is difficult to market your services and products on both these platforms. But there are some rules that will surely help you.


The content on Facebook is informational like article and news. It also has updates from family and friends. While Instagram is all about original photos and videos.


Instagram is able to get almost 58 times more engagement as compared to Facebook which has 4.21 % per follower. Engagement is directly proportional to number of followers a user gets. You cannot filter the posts on Instagram as you are able to do it on Facebook. Instagram is considered as more organic as any of the Facebook users will not be able to view your content free of cost.


Both these social platforms have simple layouts and are user friendly. Both have individual look that differentiates one from the other. Instagram is mostly used for brands whereas Facebook is used for friends and family. With Facebook you can be more flexible and customize it.

It is your choice which one you wish to use as there is difference in both these platforms.

Since there are different audiences their reaction is also different. So, it is very important to understand which category of audience you wish to target. On Facebook you can be give information in detail while on Instagram you can keep the things minimal and that too with necessary hashtags.

When these platforms are put to test both are totally different.

By running a campaign ad through Facebook for clients it was observed that there was around 10,000 fans in one year compared to roughly 200 likes on Instagram. So, one can say Facebook was winner in this campaign.

Thus, Which platform you need to use in order to market your companies services and products?

There is lot of factors that plays a vital role in it and these are reach, engagement and users.

There are more users for Facebook. Moreover, Instagram is more famous among youngsters and is indeed helpful for companies as well.

Facebook is known for response advertising while in Instagram is known for focusing on entire quality, brand marketing and brand awareness.

All the differences and similarities that are there between these two platforms will be helpful based on the product and business you are in. Do not be in any sort of haste and take your own time to decide which platform is the best for your company. Do your trials and decide the best for your business. Many people have started to realize the worth and have fully understood the difference. Understand the difference between the Facebook and Instagram and use it to the fullest of your benefit. See which platform works best for your company and then make final call to use the platform.

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