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Taking Good Instagram Photos on Phone

By April 16, 2020No Comments

Many Instagram users love posting their most attractive photos for the rest of the IG users to see and admire. Did you know that you can take as many beautiful images from your Instagram page as you like? It is not a must that you search the pictures you want to post on your IG page from your phone’s gallery.

pic take by phone
However, taking Instagram photos is not an easy task, but given the correct guidelines to follow, your Instagram followers will be shocked by how attractive you look.

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First, the use of natural light is what will make your photo attractive since lighting is the foundation of a beautiful image. We all know that without light, there is total darkness; hence no clear image captured. The Instagram users are encouraged to use the natural sunlight to capture their images and avoid using a flashlight to improve lighting. Thus, attractive photos are captured during the day. The natural light makes pictures look more vibrant and brighter. Take photos near windows or inside a well-lit room to bring out the dynamic look. At night, find sources of ambient light such as street lamps or store windows.

Secondly, when capturing an image, do not over-expose it by reducing the lighting of your phone’s screen. Also, a photo can be bright by using editing tools hence fixing a dull image, but an overexposed image cannot be attached using any tools.

Moreover, you can prevent overexposure by tapping your finger on the brightest part of the frame to minimize the lighting before snapping the shot.

The third step is shooting at the right time steadily. Many photographers love to take pictures at the golden hour time, which mostly is when the sun is low on the horizon, that is, during sunrise or sunset. Many photos taken at this hour appear more attractive than those captured at midday when there are no clouds to hide the direct sunlight. Besides, arrange the elements of the photo well with a precise arrangement of the shape, texture, color, and other aspects of that photo. This arrangement of the image’s dimensions creates balance to the picture.

Moreover, take note of your viewpoint by being creative on how to capture the shot. Lay low or take the shootings at a great perspective to bring out more rare image shots. Frame your subjects by leaving space around the focal point of your image to create visual interest. Also, draw the viewer’s eyes by using leading lines in your image. These lines include roads, trees, buildings, and other natural elements like waves to create motion and add purpose to your photo.

Lastly, you should add depth to your image to bring out life to those background images. Focus can be of a single flower in a garden, but bring out the trees and other plants found in the garden as background images to add depth to your photo. The landscape and mountainous features also work best in the creation of depth in an image. At seascapes, the leading lines of the ocean waves and the sky create depth of an image along the beach. Do not forget to be creative with your photo.