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Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

By December 8, 2019No Comments

It is not a great feeling if only a few people like your Instagram posts. You are going to wonder what you can do to improve the interaction in your Instagram posts. Besides, it would be a lot better if people are commenting and liking your posts. If people see that your posts have a lot of likes, they will think highly of you. Here are some tips on getting more likes for your Instagram posts:


Tips for Getting More Likes on Instagram

Great Photo

Before posting a picture, make sure it has high quality. It would be better if you used a high-quality camera in taking a picture. If your smartphone does not have a good camera, then consider taking photos with a digital camera or a DSLR. The better the quality of the photos are, the better the chances people have of liking it. If you took it with your smartphone, you can use the digital filters to make it appear better. After that, ask the opinions of your friends if the photo is good enough to be posted.

Increase your Friends

It would be great to attend seminars, events, and workshops. Your circle of friends would grow and you will certainly follow each other on Instagram. When you are in good terms with those people, there is a huge chance they will like your Instagram posts. When they decide to like at the start, that means they like what they see and they will certainly like your future posts if you maintain the quality. Of course, you must be kind to your new friends so they should also be kind to you.

Use Social Media

It would be a splendid idea to share your Instagram posts in your other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. If your followers like what they see, they could also opt to share the Instagram post. That would only work wonders in your favor since more people will be able to see it. It is as easy as pressing one button on Instagram and it will immediately be shared to your other social media networks. Since Facebook bought Instagram, you have the option to automatically post simultaneously on both social media sites.

Hashtag Smart

You must research on the trending hashtags nowadays. It will show up how many posts have used the hashtag when you begin to type it anyway. It is no secret Instagram made your life a whole lot easier. Of course, the hashtags you use must be related to the post. It would not make sense to use a hashtag that is not related to the post no matter how trending it is. If you do that, then the people who see it may think low of your account. Besides, there are many trending hashtags that are connected with your post.

Nice Caption

Perhaps, the hardest part about making an Instagram post is thinking of the caption. There are creative quotes you can use or even a bunch of emojis. Whatever the case, you must be creative as people who see your post will surely read the caption. Yes, the caption must catch people’s attention.

Tag Location

It is easy to forget this but you must never forget to name the location you are in. Some people would search for the latest posts for a certain location. If you are in a spot where a lot of people go, then there is a good chance many people will see your post. In fact, you may even see people liking it after a few days or weeks. That won’t matter as long as they liked it as one like will mean a lot.

Do the #likeforlike

There are Instagram accounts who post then put a #likeforlike as one of their hashtags. That means if you like their post then they will also like your post. The more people who post this hashtag then the better it would be for you. Of course, there is no guarantee that the person will like back your post but you have nothing to lose anyway. The more likes you do, then the more likes your posts will receive. Unless otherwise stated, the Instagram account will most likely like your latest post.

Post Regularly

If you can’t post every single day, make an effort to post at least three to post four times a week. Besides, there is no limit to the amount of posts you can post on Instagram. The more you post, the more chances people will notice you. Of course, that means there is also a bigger chance they will like your post. Remember to post a right time to post on Instagram. If people see your posts but they find out you are not regularly posting, they may think you are not active anymore. Because of that, they may not like your post anymore. Therefore, it would be great if you let them know you are still active by regularly posting on social media. If you don’t have new posts, then post something on your Instagram stories.

Buy Ads

It would be great if your Instagram post appears in somebody else’s Instagram feed. Once they see it, they will certainly like it once they like what they see. If they don’t like what they see, then they will just scroll downwards. Therefore, you must spend a lot of effort in making sure the Instagram post is pleasing to the eye. This is one method when you need to invest your hard-earned cash. It is going to be worth it though because you are going to get your money’s worth.

Final Word

Now that you know how to increase the likes of your Instagram posts, you must apply these methods immediately. Besides, these strategies are not hard to do as they will only take a few minutes of your time. Once you accomplish them, you will certainly reap the benefits. Your followers will be surprised that your posts have garnered a lot of likes. When your number of likes increase, so will your number of followers.