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Tips to Get Instagram Followers

By November 30, 2019No Comments

Having an Instagram account ensures a constant online presence a fantastic tool to connect a Business or Influencer with its users.

Whether you are an individual looking to influence a number of people, create trends or a brand wishing to sell its products, you will require much-needed Instagram followers.

Followers are what feeds your business in the right direction providing a constant flow of engagement between you and your community.

You’ll want engaging followers by the numbers and that can be achieved over time with some very simple steps as described next.

Tips to Get Instagram FollowersHashtags

Using popular and trending hashtags will get you visibility within the Instagram Community. They will ensure that you come up in the flow of tendencies for that specific niche.

Use them wisely and don’t overdo it. Research which hashtags are popular within your desired field and engage with other users that share the same type of content as this will also move them to engage with yours.


If you’re looking into bringing more instagram followers, you may as well consider teaming up with another instagram user that operates in the same niche as you. Look for users that have a more established number of followers and contact them to team up. In the same way that you can drive traffic towards their Instagram, they can do the same for you.


Instagram lives off its dynamics, so don’t forget to continuously keep creating enough fresh content and post it at least once or twice a day. Keep your posts enjoyable and inspiring to your target audience. The better the content, the better the odds of grabbing new followers.

Engage With Others

It’s easier to get followers if you engage with others. Like their photos, follow them, comment. It will take a while to build a lasting relationship with your followers but once you have, it will most likely be an enduring one.



Surely an investment, but one that tends to pay off. Instagram lets you promote your posts and show them on other user’s feed. This significantly increases the odds of people following you. It’s a good way to see growth in a particular fast period of time, but as mentioned, an investment that only you can evaluate whether it’s worth it or not.


Consider how much it costs to buy you some advertising and perhaps opt for running a contest on your Instagram page. Let’s say the prize is a $25 smartwatch or a fashion accessory, depending on the type of content you’re into. Ask your current followers to share your contest, use any hashtag you wish to promote and tag some friends in the comments.

Sit back and watch your followers grow.

Buy Followers

This is a step that most Instagram users opt for when trying to build up their follower community.

Keep in mind that all those cheap 1000 followers you just bought for won’t engage with your posts as they are not real people – instead they are bots. You can always up the game and splash $50 or more for real, engaging Instagram followers in the same number, but as far as investments go and what is actually building a true engaging community, you’re better off following all other steps first.

Think of how much advertising or contests you can run with that same amount of money invested and what it takes to build a real community of followers.

Whichever approach you opt for, consider that it does take time to build up your Instagram followers and it won’t happen overnight. There is much competition and presence in the Instagram World and you have to work hard and well to stand out. Always remember to keep your content fresh, to engage with your audience and remain approachable. Seek partnerships and advertising options. Consider whether investing money is a worthy step for what you wish to achieve.

If you keep investing the best of you to raise your Instagram follower community, you’re most likely to succeed.