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Something that the majority of us use on a daily basis is non-other than Instagram. We all continuously chase for a better engagement ratio, like & follower count. Something that always gets ahold of use in the mids of all that, is the age-old question of whether you should increase your like count by buying Instagram likes OR buy automatic likes?

In this article we will be looking in-depth about this topic, what are the repercussions, engagement, and ultimately which route should you embark on. If you’re considering any of these, be sure to stay tuned!

What is Instagram engagement?

Before we continue, we need to ensure you fully understand what Instagram engagement is, and why it should be taken into consideration.

ER for short, in a nutshell, is defined by a ratio of how many of your followers/users liked or comments one of your posts. This could also be when a follower/user viewed any of your posts, basically when any user/follower has been “engaged”,

Therefore, the higher your engagement ratio is, the better. Thus, you should always be working towards a higher & better engagement ratio.

One way to check up on your engagement status is by using free sites, there are many on offer, upon a simple Google search you’ll be stumbling onto many offering free services to calculate your ER!

Research has shown that a higher follower count equates a lower ER, which is no surprise, but be sure to keep it as high as one can be!

Buying Instagram likes

First off, there are two ways of purchasing Instagram likes. One of them would be by actual humans, many sites use this on the contrary of botting as it lessens suspicion, but will cost more as you’re paying actual humans to like your posts. You could utilize a reputable bot to gain an advantage, but Instagram might just catch onto you, once you’ve performed it multiple times.

Costs, money, are all things that are the biggest setback in terms of automating/purchasing Instagram likes. For starters, if you’re looking at 10,000 likes, that could cost you upwards of $70 found on one website. But if you’re looking for a smaller headstart, $3 would get you 100 likes, which is by no means cheap at all.

How does buying Instagram likes work/operate?

Something not many of us know is that when you purchase Instagram likes, what the owner of such companies will do, is to post a listing on microworkers type websites, pay each individual a few cents ranging from $0.01 to $0.04 on average to like your post. That is how most of these such companies work.

So if you’re imagining that each of the likes are going to translate into followers or tune into to your other posts, it’s never happening, sorry to say. And on oftentimes, might even end up unliking your posts after they’ve received payment.

Not only is this a waste of money, but also loses any credibility that you’ve gained by real people when they see that you have a certain amount of followers, but on one post your likes have skyrocketed for no apparent reasons. This can be done on many popular websites that enable for anyone to see your graphs, such as socialblade.

Gaining likes truthfully

Yes, this is a harder option. BUT, if you’re staying for the long-term and want to create a community around your page, then proceed with this one! There are many ways to gain your engagement/follower count/likes count, and more, truthfully. With technology evolving, you can use plethra of different sites that analyse your account/posts and inform you of what can be done better.

You could also improve by setting up bots that automatically posts at different times, as well as hiring an account manager. All of these methods will be gaining you real engagement/likes & followers by real people, as well as reducing the costs/money needed to buy them.

For most of us, this isn’t what we want the answer to be, but trust me, in the long run, this is and will be, the only method.

So which one shall I choose?

There isn’t a simple answer, it’s based on what are your needs, are you just staying for short-term or longer-term, and more. Let’s say you’re a dropshipping or print-on-demand company that has been created specifically for a trend, and therefore, you’re staying for the short-term. If this is the case, then, when creating ads, linking social media, you would want to obtain the fake effect of a company that seems to be well trusted by the community. In that case, yes, since it’s a short term thing, and you’re just going to post a few posts, and are going to be disposing of the account soon, then buying likes/followers will be the answer.

Nevertheless, for most of us, we’re looking to create a statement, a definition of our posts/page and are looking to stay for more than just a few weeks. In that case, gaining likes/followers/engagement truthfully will be the most suited option out there for us. Using various techniques will be sure to enable us to gain a headstart as mentioned above, so don’t feel doubtful!

Concluding statement

There you have it! In less than a thousand words, we’ve observed the pros & cons of each option, what is ER, should you buy automatic likes, their costs, & more, as promised! So who knows who will be the next top Instagram celebrity?! One thing is for sure, it will most probably be gained honestly!

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